Eroswia – Sexual Techniques of a Lost World

Book - Sexual Techniques of a Lost World

Book to be released soon in paperback and Kindle version


Patty explores the ancient sexual practice of eroswia, and how it was rediscovered after being lost for several millennia. Like the fabled text from India, the Kama Sutra, this European variation guides lovers through a long sequence of positions, each of which are broken down for the reader into individual steps. Utilizing a wide range of positions, movements and timing, couples will discover a new bond form through their mutual effort at mastering this practice, as well as be rewarded with a physical plateau that rivals any conventional orgasm. Many of the techniques uncovered in this book have since been found by medical science to have effects on the body that range from physical to biochemical changes that serve to explain the heighten orgasm response.

Beginning with the theory of its founding in ancient Greece, Patty traces the movement of the text and theorizes on possible causes for its disappearance and its recent rediscovery. Complemented with rich photography and illustrations, the book serves to educate couples on the benefits of these sexual practices, as well as provide a working manual with step by step instructions on how to achieve them.  Suitable of both young and old alike, this is a perfect addition to the library of anyone wanting to add more excitement to their sex lives.

Patty Tethers: Patty is an anthropologist and sex counsellor who has worked the last 20 years exploring the sex lives of past civilizations and their impact on current societal views. She has most recently been a blog contributor to Clutchpot, with her introduction on eroswia and has completed production on an erotic video companion piece for the book which gives couples a more detailed instruction with life models re-enacting the sequence of sex positions.


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